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Keto Strawberry Boba Tea

Keto Strawberry Boba Tea

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Secure your order of this exclusive keto strawberry boba set now! (6 pack)

Our strawberry boba is a smooth, rich drink, made with the creamiest and most delicious ingredients. It comes in a unique creamy texture with fruity notes. The taste is absolutely addicting and mouth-watering with its refreshing yet crisp taste. There is no dairy, no GMOs, no guilt. We believe in enjoying healthy drinks without sacrificing taste, which is why our boba drink is low-calorie, low-carb, keto, and tasty!


*3 sets: 3 strawberry milk tea powders, 3 boba pearl packets, 3 boba straws

*6 sets: 6 strawberry milk tea powders, 6 boba pearl packets, 6 boba straws

*30 sets: 30 strawberry milk tea powders, 30 boba pearl packets, 30 boba straws


*** Orders are expected to ship within 3-10 days of purchase. ***


Organic cashew powder, organic erythritol, organic stevia, organic strawberry powder, organic rooibos tea, organic sucrose and finest organic vanilla bean, strawberry flavor powder (Vegan) (Contains: cashew)


  • Pour milk tea powder in a glass
  • Dissolve powder with 2oz of hot water
  • Add 4oz cold milk of choice
  • Mix with an immersion blender
  • Add ice
  • Add boba
  • Add our eco-friendly, biodegradable straw

* If no ice, use 6oz of cold milk, instead of 4oz *

*** Coconut milk is suggested for a thicker low-carb taste ***


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